Principal’s Greeting

We all hold great hopes and dreams for our children. Furthermore, we recognize how a great education can prepare our kids for their specific calling in life.

I can still remember when our daughter Emilie was preparing to enter kindergarten. Barbara and I knew exactly what we were looking for in a school – one shielded with safety and warmth, with an atmosphere of excitement and a culture of encouragement. We wanted classrooms filled with discovery and led by godly teachers. We desired a school where prayer was a normal school activity, scripture was foundational, and where robust academic achievement was nurtured and individual excellence expected.

Schools like the one above do exist, although they are not common. If you are looking for a school like the one described, Tabernacle Christian Academy could very well be the best place for your family. Please review our website and contact me for an application packet. I would love to meet you, give you a tour of our school and tell you more about our ministry to our families.   

Come grow with us,

Principal Timothy J. Hostetter