“From the moment I walked into the TCA building, I knew I was in the right place. We were treated like family since day one. Knowing my daughter is being educated with knowledge and the good Word….is a blessing. Praise God.”   

- K.M.  (Present Parent)

“I learned TCA is not a school; it is a place that has more meaning than school. It is a place full of love and care, and the teacher treat us as friends”

– M.W., Class of 2020, International Student

International Students

International Students

Tabernacle Christian Academy (TCA) has been educating international students for over 15 years. This experience has given us a perspective that may be helpful for you as you consider enrolling at our school. As you may know, we are not a boarding school. Typically our international students reside with host families from our church or school community when that can be arranged. We have found that the students gain proficiency in English more quickly when they are able to reside with an American family, than with a family that’s the same as the international student in language and culture.

Entering school in America is a very difficult challenge. When confronted by a new culture, language, and school it can be extremely stressful. Therefore it is important that the students have strong academic skills, solid personal character, a rooted faith in Christ and a level of maturity that allows them to assume serious personal responsibility for daily living.

Some advice we would have for parents and students considering an education at our school is:

  1. Develop as much English proficiency before arriving in the U.S.
  2. Provide all the information requested when applying – test scores, academic records, family information, student application forms, pastor recommendation, medical forms, insurance information, etc. (all translated into English)
  3. Intentionally decide to reach out and make friends with your new classmates.
  4. Select activities in addition to your classes that provide a time for more socialization like yearbook, music and sports.
  5. Apply yourself diligently to your academic work.
  6. Ask questions freely with boldness.
  7. We have found that a level of English proficiency before coming to TCA is a key to success. This is especially true if the student is to enter grade 9 or above. High school credits are critical for graduation. Please note, that we typically do not enroll international students below grade seven.

Because we are a Christian school, it is our expectation for international students that they have a personal faith in Christ which means that they have admitted that they are sinners by nature and by action; they have trusted Christ to forgive them of their sins through faith in his sufficient death on the cross as payment for their sins and have a commitment to living a life of faith based on the Word of God.

Since some students will be living in American host homes, it is important that you understand our perspective on this arrangement. We have found that it can be viewed as a boarder/renter situation. This is not how it is viewed by us. The semester stipend is to cover room, board and supervisory responsibilities, but the international student is expected to become a part of the host family. The host parents are in the place of the natural parents and have the authority of the natural parents. Therefore we require a parent authorization form to be signed by the student’s parents authorizing the school officials/host parents to make decisions that are usual and customary to the role of a parent.

In addition, here are some other points of information related to host family arrangements:

  1. The student is under the authority of the host parent regarding permission to attend events outside the home, bed times, curfews, internet use, TV usage, etc. Failure to live obediently under the authority of the host family could result in the student being dismissed from the school.
  2. Normal standards of the home apply to the international student.
  3. The student should expect to attend church and youth group activities with the family.
  4. Conferences at the school regarding a student’s work will be attended by the host family.
  5. The stipend required will be paid each semester on the same day as the student’s arrival in the home.
  6. The student will not have host home services during the summer vacation.
  7. The host family will provide transportation for academic tutoring, music lessons, or other normal needs.
  8. The length of commitment of the host family is for only one year but may be renewed.
  9. It is hoped that these guidelines will be of help to you as you consider sending your child to TCA. I believe that a Christian education like we seek to provide at TCA is one of the finest and most enduring investments you can make in your child’s life.

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