Dear Tabernacle Family:

We are excited to welcome our school families back. Tabernacle Christian Academy (TCA) is committed to re-opening school this fall—closely following the latest medical and state guidelines to ensure we can be together while staying safe. If we have learned anything from a season of remote living and learning—particularly one in which the challenges have been compounded by an unprecedented global crisis—it is that we need one another. Community matters. Christ is essential.

TCA is committed to re-opening this fall because we believe in the importance of learning, growing, processing, and engaging with one another in community where Christ and His teaching are given its rightful and preeminent place.

This document is to inform you of three possible scenarios for our 2020-21 reopening and our school year ahead. Our strong preference is to open on site with all students and teachers fully engaged in their classrooms. Nevertheless, in each scenario, we trust that your child(ren) will thrive and receive an excellent, well-rounded Christian education from our faculty and staff at TCA.



Covid-19 Action Plan

Scenario 1: Resume School 100% at TCA—Green Phase (our current opening phase)

This is the ideal and strongly preferred scenario. At TCA we have every intention of starting the
school year in the GREEN PHASE. Meeting Monday through Friday, regular hours with mindful
protocols in place to mitigate risk as much as possible. Our facility and our 9:1 student to teacher
ratio makes this optimal situation possible.

Scenario 2: Hybrid — On-Site & Distance Learning—Yellow Phase

A combination of live, on-site classes and distance learning options will be enacted. The YELLOW
PHASE will be put into place should there be medical or facility concerns, or restrictions made by
authorities that limit the number of days we can hold regular classes in a week.

Scenario 3: Mandated Closure – Distance Learning —Red Phase

This will require a closing of a specific classroom or for our entire school. Distance learning, like
what took place March-June 2020, will be utilized. Instructional guidance, materials and all
assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. In a full school RED Phase, extracurricular
activities, practices and games will be cancelled, until re-opening is re-established.
I invite you to thoroughly review our Reopening Plan and learn more about what the three scenarios
entail, what cleaning and safety protocols will be implemented (such as daily temperature checks),
and how TCA will remain committed to educating and empowering our student-leaders for Christ and
for His Glory. I remain confident that even in these uncertain times, our “God is able to do
exceedingly and abundantly above what we ask” (Ephesians 3:20).

Working Together,

Mr. Timothy J. Hostetter

COMPLETE_TCA Reopening Plan 2020 2021