“From the moment I walked into the TCA building, I knew I was in the right place. We were treated like family since day one. Knowing my daughter is being educated with knowledge and the good Word….is a blessing. Praise God.”   

- K.M.  (Present Parent)

Admission’s Procedure

  1. INFORMATION PACKET: Before applying, read the handbook and other included information (Admissions Rationale And Policy, Summary of Doctrinal Beliefs) to determine whether Tabernacle Christian Academy offers the type of education you want for your child (ren).
  2. INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW: Next, an informal interview is scheduled with the principal. This is for parents and children. Parents and children will tour the school, visit classrooms, and have an opportunity to ask questions about the school.
  3. STUDENT VISIT: We recommend that prospective students visit TCA for a school day. This is particularly for students who apply during the school year.
  4. FORMAL APPLICATION AND FEE: The following completed forms must be returned to the school office accompanied by the application fee (Application & Enrollment Fees):



No processing of a student’s application will be done without the application fee. Once the application is submitted, the fee is non-refundable.


  1. TESTING: Entrance tests are sometimes given to each applying student. Testing is scheduled individually with each family. The principal may, at his discretion, substitute current achievement test scores for the entrance tests.
  2. ADMISSIONS INTERVIEW: A formal admissions interview is scheduled with the Christian School Council’s Admissions Committee. Preferably, both parents should be present.
  3. FINAL ACCEPTANCE: The final decision is made by the principal and the admissions committee after the admissions interview. Families are notified by phone of this decision. An enrollment fee is due immediately upon acceptance into TCA.
  4. CONTRACT: All families must enter into contract with TCA to complete enrollment.
  5. FINANCIAL AID: Application for financial aid does not ensure the receipt of such aid. Limited funds prevent us from meeting the total need of each family. All information given on the financial aid form is confidential and will be examined only by the members of the Christian School Council’s Finance Committee. FINANCIAL AID WILL BE AWARDED ONLY AFTER THE ENROLLMENT OR RE-ENROLLMENT PROCESS HAS BEEN COMPLETED.